Consistent GRACE.

This is a beautiful working mantra for those who have experienced deep disappointment either recently, repetitively, or early on in your life that has kept your nervous system on guard with chronic stress.
Open the space for your belonging to be held and carried by a Greater Source.
Every time your mind goes to a worry, concern or fear of disappointment.
Repeat this mantra… Consistent GRACE.
Let the string of Higher Hope carry you.
Tell your cells a new story. A true story… Consistent GRACE is alive and well for you.
Let it find you.
Let it lead you.
Let it hold you.
Let it be with you.
Expand the energy domain of Consistent GRACE in your field.
Try repeating Consistent GRACE at 11 times a day or more for the rest of the month.

Allow yourself to feel the Consistent GRACE to be there for you,

♥️ Anne

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