Heart Longs to Feel GoodThis week’s Empower11 Radio Show… love love love the topic of feeling good! It’s such a simple topic with profound possibilities to transform into feeling good instantly. Listen in as I share how this simple mantra, “I want to feel good” has been highly transforming and healing for me.

Feeling good is our natural state of being. It is a place of experiencing God energy. You can choose it. You have the ability to experience it right now and feel great! When we quiet the noise, get still and stay in today, it is right there. Experience today as a living meditation in your good vibrational state of being.

“The heart longs to feel good!

Today, abandon something doesn’t make you feel good. Let it go.

Move in closer to feeling good. Feeling God.

The Universal Loving Presence that beats the heart of YOU!”

-Anne Ribley