Life changes. We can count on that! Oftentimes, when we need to make changes in our lives we’re afraid to take the necessary steps needed. Fear of hurting others or fear of the unknown can be the barriers that stop needed change.

When it comes to changes in family configurations, blended families, marriage, divorce, family relationships, finances, moving, or any aspect of life that can change, we serve our children best by giving them the highest, healthiest example of how we handle change. I have always held that in mind with my behaviors during changing times. I have two learning and growing human beings watching me and figuring out how to handle big changes through what I model.

My ten year old CJ shared with me this morning what he has learned about life after witnessing and experiencing his own level of major life change. Our family has gone through divorce, a major change in home life; up, down and back up again in family finances, and now being a new blended family.

I thought his wisdom was simple and profound. I told him if he just remembers those things throughout his life, he will always be okay. He said, “Remind of it when I am 20 years old.” Now, that’s worth remembering…all of it!



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