Energize water HDCreate a powerful meditational moment for yourself with water.

Experience the energy shift. Water such a powerful conduit of energy. It’s one of the things we need most for survival! Embrace the element of water for faciliating an instant shift with anything you need!

  1. Find a moment today and get a glass of water.
  2. Cup your hands around the glass and close your eyes for a few moments.
  3. Create an intention of energy and healing that you want to infuse into all of your cells and consciousness as you drink the water.
  4. Once you are resonating with your intention and the water, simply drink it all at once.
  5. Repeat the intention within you as you drink the water.

I have used this simple act to help with healing, creating shift, for a boost of attraction, and an increase in vitality with my body and my life. It’s a simple way to create a powerful shift within a few minutes! Many blessings to you on your Inspiration Trail today!

~ Namaste ~


Focus! We know ‘focus’ gives us power to get results. So much of our conversation circles around staying focused on the end goal or result. However, when focus isn’t embraced with the right energy, it can create exhaustion along the way. The most crucial perspective (which is often not talked about enough!) is the process of in-between, the transient state of going from one destination to the next. By making the shift to decide that will focus your power into all of life, powerful manifesting results will occur; often with a higher order of ease and flow! Join the conversation as we explore how to use your immediate focus with the right energy to fuel the bigger dreams of the your life’s journey!

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