Gift Giver- What's Your Gift? Our personal energy is a gift exchange we give to each other.I felt the energy expand as I was packaging this special gift for a little girl. I knew it was going to bring her so much joy. The joy was actually welling up in me in anticipation.

It occurred to me that we all are gift givers, literally every second of our lives. Every thought, every action, every interaction and even every frown or smile are gifts that echo energy out into the world.

All we have to do is look at when a child is born, and we immediately feel the gift of their presence. Every human being is a pulse of life that is naturally and constantly outpouring the gifts of life energy.

The big question is… What’s your gift that you are giving the world this very second? Is your mind hostile ground? Are you constantly tearing yourself and others down? Are angry or antagonistic words your gift to others?

What’s amazing with the mirroring of gift giving is that I felt the joy expanding in me for this little girl’s gift. Angry exchanges work the same way joyful exchanges work. When someone gives you their gift of anger and if you receive that gift, you will actually feel anger and its similar companion of unhappiness, expand inside you. And hence, we have the recycling of the same anger energy.

What can be liberating is to take full responsibility for the kind of people we want to be in our lives. We are the chooser of the gifts we are giving to the world.

Thoughts of hope, thoughts of love, and thoughts of understanding begin with ourselves and naturally spill out as the gift we give to others. Become the eyewitness to the gift giver in yourself and others. Witness the gifts you choose to give to everyone around you in the next twenty-four hours, and in return become the eyewitness to the gift giver in others and what they want to bring you.

If someone wants to bring you a gift of fear or harshness, you can simply pass on that gift by choosing to give him or her the gift of non-reactive understanding. Hold the space of non-reactiveness when someone is offering you a gift you choose not to receive. You keep your power and presence in tact with peace, and they get keep their gift leaving more space in your life for the gifts you DO want to receive.

The next person you see, what’s your gift to give? The next person you speak to, what’s your gift? The thoughts you entertain and expand in your mind, do you want their gift?
Gift giver, what’s your gift today?
May you GIVE and RECEIVE the gifts that match your heart!

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