Anne RibleyConnection — We crave it. We were born to desire it. It’s our very nature — to connect.

Connect to our bodies. Connect to our minds. Connect to our life. Connect to each other.

Our life is nothing more than a home to our being of life connecting to itself as living, breathing and birthing experience of life unfolding.

The greatest business we could ever get in…. is the connection business. The business of connecting to ourselves.

For those of us who have had children we know that there is a powerful force of life that connects us deeper to life itself when we experience children.

You don’t have to have children, however, they become living experiences of this powerful connection that weaves, touches and connects life to life.

What’s the cost of not connecting fully and powerfully to life?

What’s the cost not connecting to our bodies?

What’s the cost of not connecting fully to our minds?

What’s the cost when we let runaway, obsessive thoughts dictate our mind so that we don’t fully connect to the Divine capacities we have available right now? Yet, we live in a very connective time in history. The gifts of connection have never been so abundant.

What’s the cost of not being connected to ‘self’?

What does it cost us through time to live with loss of connection in any capacity with life?  Let’s explore together…. My most recent Empower11 Radio Show, co-hosted with my partner Jack, we explore the topic more closely getting more connected. Powerfully connected. Full of power — connected.

Connection. Disconnection. Powerful Presence. Are you connected to your own possibilities? Are they outside of yourself? What’s the cost of disconnection? This week we explore how to bring the connective energies closer.

Tap into your powerful presence.

Namaste my friend,


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