Last night I had a dream, I was sitting beside the fireplace with this most attractive, bedazzling man.  I was becoming awestruck in his presence. Mesmerized! He was sharing brilliant pieces of his mind and bringing me into an inspiring creative process with him. His whole persona radiated the cozy, comforting feeling of the warmth like the fire, beside us.

He took off my shoes to relax and share with him in the space being created.

Time became more timeless, as it turned into a couple of hours, in those moments.

Next thing I know, the clock struck midnight, unlike Cinderella though, the dream still continued.

I ended up in the most beautiful cozy place with him. Soulful….so full….of the essence of life….we humans were meant to share with one another.

Happiness. Laughter. Love. Connection. Enchantment.

I woke up this morning feeling so happy from such an awesome dream. The kind of dream, where you want the feeling to last all day. Somehow you know if you can keep it, everything will feel good, be okay and somehow you are inside the life meant for you to live. The way life is suppose to feel.

As I awoke in the morning and came into reality. I looked over and there he was…right beside me… real and alive in my reality.

My dream was real.

A strong reminder of how dreams do want to come alive.

Dreams want to become reality.

Your dreams matter!

Now is your time.

What’s a dream you have that you want to bring alive?

Real and in reality! Your reality!

I send smiles to your dreams–