Today there is so much access to stimuli. Technology has made it possible to create amazing advancements in our connections with the whole world! How are we using these gifts of advancement? Are we making an artistry of who we are…the dreams inside real? It is easier now more than ever to launch amazing innovation of ideas, inspiring thoughts and dreams realized.

With all this advancement of technology we are more connected than ever, what are we consuming with all this access? Are we feeding ourselves more worldly noise and distraction that keeps us chasing unfulfilling lives?

The real deal of dreams is what sustains the soul - what lasts. Peace of heart sits in that sweet spot inside us when we are being true to the person we were born to be!

What are those dreams for you?

It takes a certain soul stamina to stay inside the real dreams your heart came here to share with the world. It takes practice of not getting lost in this abundance of noise and distraction that is now so readily available. The great part of all this advancement with technology and connection is that we can now easily access the keys to unlock extraordinary abundant fortunes of rich and inspiring lives… making dreams real. There are so many tools available for many of us around the globe now to make dreams possible.

What kind of guardian are we with these keys to our dreams? It takes a certain honor code of integrity for truthful intentions because of all the thoughts and actions we have become moving energies. These energies can either pull our dreams closer to us or push them further away.

By taking an inventory of every thought and action we were engaging in, we will know more accurately if our interacting energies - either inside ourselves or in the outside world - are multiplying back into our lives the pull towards or push away from our dreams.

I choose peace - peace in truthful thoughts and actions that align me to who I came here to be - and the dreams my soul wants to make real!

How about you?