My Beautiful Friends on the Inspiration Trail:

Today is a Full Moon. 

Release. Renew. Thrive. 

Delve into the sacred for yourself today. 

Find time to ‘be’ in your stillness.

Allow the meditative place for clearing energies and unhooking old patterns. The last New Moon I did a teleseminar and told a miraculous synchronistic story about how my brother used the Full/New Moon rituals to manifest an incredible new home that matched his dream desires.

A Dream Home:

He closed on the new house during the last a New Moon and he moved this weekend during the Full Moon. Literally, he is having a big release of the past (14 years to be exact from his previous home) and now for the new to begin in his beautiful dream home. A very important detail of this story I want you to know is that his dates with moving and synchronizing with the cycle of the moon wasn’t something he consciously planned. It was just an organic occurrence to the overall process.

I have seen this over and over as we attune ourselves with the natural world such as the Full/New moon cycle. The more we will naturally align with life’s rhythms for a life with ease and flow.

Miraculous impact moves toward you more and more as barriers are released. What makes the spiritual practice with the Full Moon ritual powerful and healing is that it creates actionable prayers using the body, mind and soul to embody change. Allow deeper ownership of the experiences instead of locking up thoughts in the mind.

Share With Family…

I have mentioned how I share this ritual with my family. My boys have used it to overcome their own insecurities at times and to call forth more of what they desire to manifest. This weekend was opening day for baseball. My thirteen year old has been using the Moon Rituals these past couple months to create his intentions with baseball. It showed this weekend, he struck out all three batters that he faced as a relief pitcher for an inning.

My eleven year old came home crying over a situation that happened with a friend that really hurt his feelings. It’s powerful that he can use the ritual to release his feelings. Let me tell you ~ boys love writing down on paper with an intention to burn it afterward. It’s innate in them to want to throw it in the fire. Of course, it works for everyone at all ages. We all want to have better lives.

Let’s face it ~ if we are living, Life is happening.

By using the spiritual practice of the Moon Rituals regularly we align to the pulse of life and free ourselves of residue that collect along the way. Think of it this way ~ we are diamonds and no two diamonds are alike! We are ready to radiate our brilliance. Yet, as we wear the diamond through life, stuff will collect on it. We aren’t the stuff, though. We are still the brilliant diamond, ready to shine! A sense of wonderment and discovering the diamond’s true beauty is always felt after the residue has been cleaned off.

Take today, the power of the Full Moon. Write it right. Attune your internal antenna to God, the Universal Loving Presence and proclaim your restoration. Unhook the old patterns that are no longer serving you!

Allow your miraculous, fresh possibilities to move toward you!



P.S. So much even transpired from me since the last new moon. The next day after I did my new moon ritual. I received a phone call and was gifted the Wayne Dyer’s Writing with Soul Retreat in Florida beginning of May! Very, very excited

Take Your Next Best Step

Doesn’t matter what problem you face right now. It doesn’t matter how big the mountain you need to climb. It doesn’t matter if it is a small little thing. All your best possibilities will open up to you if you are willing to do the one small act that changes everything, which is to take your next best step!

Want to lose weight? Just take your next best step! Want financial success? Guess what? Take your next best step. Want soulmate love? Walk towards it, take your next best step. Want to get more connected to your dreams? Take your next best step, get powerful insight with the show. Use the power of the full moon ritual to release and liberate yourself toward your dreams.

There is a lot of power in the things that we are doing daily. There is a lot of power in the things that we do weekly and monthly. All these routine, repetitive actions become rituals that inform our habits. Many times, we think we need to change our habits but truth is if we change our rituals then our habits follow and support the rituals that are shaping our lives. Synchronizing a spiritual practice around the new/full moon can transform us.

Be sure to check out the meditational moment for the full moon at the end of the radio show.

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