THREE WISHES - The Power to Manifest BIG!

Children are so in tune to see the magic of the smallest details that surround our lives with wonder and marvel. My eleven year old pointed out to me this morning a perfect row of dandelions off our patio. I remember as a small girl how much I loved them. They were ‘wish flowers’ to me, not weeds. I loved making wishes and watching the seeds, like parachutes, blow out into the wind.

Those magical little parachuting seeds are still the symbol to me of how we fulfil our wishes, desires and dreams. The energy we are exhaling out into the world is landing to manifest and multiple back to us in our surroundings. The more we empower ourselves with the true alignment of what we wish to manifest…the more we live the life of our deepest hopes and dreams.

THREE is a powerful number of manifesting. Creation multiples when 1+1 comes together. It can become 3 or more and more and more.  I love the symbol of 11 because it symbolizes 1+1 has the quantum power to become 11 and beyond.

Today, take three deep breathes in as you set your intentions and exhale out the energy to the world…


Then, watch your life with the marvel and magic, like a child, to see your wishes coming back to you in the smallest details. The attention and intention of energy will quantum multiply your manifestations.

Make your three wishes — and marvel in the miracles of manifestations coming your way!


* Anne’s Immediate Follow up to Three Wishes –

As I wrote my blog this morning, I was simultaneously communicating with a friend on Facebook about getting together soon, we had been trying for a few weeks and our schedules didn’t seem to coordinate easily. Guess what? Today, when Jack and I went out for lunch to Sushi…. there was my sweet friend I was wanting to see! It made my day as I watched the miracle of what comes back with marvel and magic the smallest details of life unfolding from our attention and intention.