This tree takes on different emotions from the light around.

What’s My Emotion Today?

Emotions rule so much in our daily lives. Emotions are a powerful energy that have the ability to lift us up to heavenly experiences of happiness and dreams or drop us into the pits of hell of misery and suffering. Do we give them their due respect to make them what we want each day?

Really, what are we talking about? E-motion, the energy we are putting into motion. The energy that our day will spring to life with, the energy our tomorrows will be designed with, the energy we will build relationships with, the energy we bring to all we encounter and all that we do…

What would happen if we treated our emotions like a real thing, almost like a concrete, written letter to the Universe. The kind of energy that we would love to have returned back us, multiplied! What would happen to our dreams if we have our e-motions become a very powerful force attached to our dreams?

We could become more masterful in our manifestations!

Big dreams need big energy, as I delved into more in this post. Are you using your emotions to set into motion the energy that will coincide with your dreams? Everyday, every moment, we are given a brand new chance to become a better custodian and commander of our emotions, and set our own energy into motion. Everyday, just do better than yesterday - put into motion the matching emotional energy of our dreams - learn mastery over attitudes and emotions. There is no doubt that soon, we will wake up to the DAY where where our dreams have become a real living thing!