They say procrastination is a dream killer!

Jack Voorheis with Les Brown ~ “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” Les Brown

I say no dream is a life destroyer!

Opening line from Pretty Women…”What’s your dream?”

Let yourself dream…dream BIG and WILD!

If everyday you do one thing to love your dreams to life, before you know it…

YOU will be lived by your dreams!

The Universal Loving Presence - God - Source - The Creator placed the capacity to dream inside of us to co-create miraculous possibilities!

What’s your dream?

Begin today… to dream it …speak it… honor it… love it… and ultimately be lived by it!

With the Sincerest Love, Smiles & Dreams


I grew up hearing the “I have a dream” speech played over and over again in my home. To this day, nothing elicits a stronger, to the core, response deeply within me. The power of a dream, lived and demonstrated with the level of change that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us through non-violence and peaceful resolution reminds me over and over again the real possibilities that we can dream to life!