“Authenticity in Action” Let your unfolding be… graceful, natural and exquisitely YOU! 

I wanted to post something last night about being “authentic” I wrestled with the words. I didn’t want it to sound cliche about a phrase that is thrown around a lot. I wanted to find the right way to express the magic power authenticity carries if we have the courage to be authentic in the most simplest ways.

I deleted the words from the FB status and copied them into the notes on my phone to save for later. Then this morning my mom called.

She began telling me a story about her travels over the past weekend. She was at a professional convention with my dad which included success motivation topics. During a presentation my mom saw a woman who appeared very sad, a few rows over. Her face was red and she looked like she had been crying. My mom said she couldn’t stop thinking of this woman while listening to the presentation. She said there was an energetic pull, almost like a magnetic draw she couldn’t stop toward the woman.

She excused herself from where she was sitting to get closer to her. She began rubbing the woman’s back without saying a word. She could sense immediate relief when she reached out to her and proceeded to massage her neck. She stayed there with the woman and continued massaging her neck and shoulders for the next 30 minutes.

When the room broke up for a break my mom kissed her forehead and said these words to her… “I don’t need to know what is going on… I just want you to know from this moment forward, you will know what to do. You will take charge of whatever needs to be taken care of. You can handle it, whatever it is. She looked at my mom with a lightness in her eyes and now a softness in her shoulders and said … “thank you” with a grateful sincerity.

That was it, they didn’t exchange anything else but that pure brief moment of authenticity in action — between two people just being real in a graceful natural way.

Understand too, my mom is not the type who walks around massaging people. My mom is just a kind, brave and bold woman. Responding to what seemed to be the most authentic thing for someone hurting, and my mom being able to extend a sense of caring.

Last night, these were the words I was comprising… The power to be authentic… if you are hurting, say… I’m hurting. If you feel love… express that love. Let others know not just with words but with actions and behaviors what you truly feel. Be in the depth of your own authenticity. Live and express your aliveness just a little bit more today.

So much of our real power emerges as we relax more into ourselves… as a giver and as a receiver… with reaching out, with expressing and being a little more bold with our authenticity in action!

Give yourself permission to reach out and receive what you need, unfurl the edges and unfold the graceful natural exquisite YOU!
Namaste, Anne

MONDAY MANTRA: Love connects me. Miracles find their way through the connection of love. Miracles come with special delivery on the connection of love! No matter what you face this week… whether it’s something challenging or something to cherish, a miracle will surround you when you connect with love. Beginning of story…

Love Connection Mantra