This is such a beautiful video of Bono and how he tenderly hugs a woman while singing the song “With or Without You”. It is no wonder has over 31 million views because he exudes LOVE!

Women should be safer in this world because we have men!

Women give away a parts of their bodies for a child. Women give away their young prime time raising that child or children. Women give away the best parts of themselves with an unselfish manner to make the life of tomorrow… full of hope… promise… so the children of today to be the world of tomorrow.

At the end of the day, when a woman can be wrapped into the arms of a man who knows how to be a tender, safe harbour for her, it is powerful beyond measure.

I remember when I took my first trip to the Dominican Republic with Jack. One night, he wrapped me tenderly in his arms and told me I was safe and not alone anymore. I wasn’t alone to pick myself up when I was down. I wasn’t alone with all my decisions. I wasn’t alone with raising my boys. I wasn’t alone without a partner beside me. I laid there with my head on his chest as tears streamed down my face as a deep healing came over me.

There are touches of tenderness a man can bring to a woman’s life that will forever echo in her heart. These echoes of tender love get passed on as healing acts of love to the world by the nurturing energy woman gives in the form of children, charities, careers, communities and ultimately her gifts to the world.

Sending tender hugs to you and yours… for the profound compassion and connection this simple act can bring!