I am a prosperous being! All my GOOD lives everywhere around me and through me.

If there is ONE thing I could pass on… as important spiritual posture to hold your life at… It would be learn to RECEIVE your good. Often, we become afraid to get let down… being told… no… to the point that often we gradually have weak receiving muscles and default a spiritual posture that is weakened to receive. 

One of the biggest shifts you can make to have instant change in your life is decide today that your good (which is only another O from the word God) is all around you. You can claim it. Create receiving rapport with your prosperous good because we are not in a withholding universe. 

Have your arms open wide to receive your prosperity today and this week. We do not live in a withholding universe so therefore, none of your good is being withheld from you… so be free to receive starting right now!

Think of something important you would like to experience and create this week and repeat the mantra… I am a PROSPEROUS being. All my GOOD lives everywhere around me and through me.

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