Halloween is a perfect time to talk about what really is keeping us scared and unsettled. In Buddhist tradition it is called the “Hungry Ghosts”. Or another way to say it with mainstream language is — Scarcity. (I call it living in Scare City.)
The unnerving state of never enough.
Unrelenting needing.
Hurry and get it before it’s gone.
Or it might not last.
Feeling left out.
Not chosen.

Most hungry ghosts are old adaptive programs or responses that plague us from some form of trauma or scarcity scarring that was imprinted early on into our subconscious. And much of mainstream energy still keeps the scarcity power train circulating. The good news is that we are entering into an incredibly powerful time to review and re-write the old programming.

The pain you have suffered with scarcity or lack in any form… financial unease, relationship(s) hardship, health issues, career stuckness or whatever way is signature for you — can shift! And this shift can happen rapidly.

Mercury Retrograde runs October 31st thru November 20th. Imagine taking this Mercury Retrograde time of natural rewinding and re-shaping to create clear intentions that cash in on the currency (the magnificent flow) to re-write your PROSPERITY PATHWAY.

What’s your shift you are committed to re-writing into a new prosperity pathway for yourself?

Want a walking/running buddy beside you? Join me inside Remarkable Souls for the 21 Day Prosperity Challenge, together from November 4 -25th we will be doing daily prosperity mantras, mini meditations, prosperity journaling and reprogramming inner pathways. Best of all given you true CONNECTED SUPPORT to succeed. #Prosperity360#QuantumProsperity #ProsperityPathway #ProsperityMantraChallenge. Join Remarkable Souls to connect in.

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