Do more than think like God. Be like God. Feel God. The Source. The Divine.

What do I mean?

When we expand our inner world beyond just our mind, we tap into the miraculous nature of life.

Our minds are tools of invention. Our minds are magnificent groundskeepers of the past, directors of the now and pioneers of the future. Yet, with all potentiality of the mind’s capacity, it is still only a limited tool of power because the real generator of power is the ‘who’ that we are beyond the mind.

The miraculous nature of life constantly lives in a state of renewal. The very basic premise of life and nature is always an attempt to renew, repair, expand, evolve and thrive with life.

Our minds can hear of the power to forgive. What does that really mean? Forgiveness is powerful phenomenon of heart. A state of being that emulates God, the Source, the Universal Loving Presence.

We can’t think ‘forgiveness’ enough ~ to gain the good karma that comes from that real FORGIVING state of being. The real deal of forgiveness is certainly not an invention of the mind that sounds good, yet is not fully actualized.

The real act of forgiveness is a state of being.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful states we can live in.  It holds the keys to unconditional love, to a life of non-judgemental living and access to BE in rapport with the highest authority within the true place of who we are, which is being a child of God. It is a radiating warmth, it is radiating beams of light and energy. It is the Source and substance that gives life and real power. It is not a withholding generator of energy or life under conditional terms or judgemental conditions.

And when we align with this real and true power to FORGIVE, we become ~

A free spirit.

A spirit free of toxins, poisons that pollute not only our world, but the world around us.

We can liberate ourselves today by FORGIVING all that does not nourish a revolution of the embodiment of truth we were born to live. We come from a Divine Source and we can be like that Divine Source.

FORGIVE today and experience the miraculous way to unfold because you are in rapport with your truest nature.

So much power of the miraculous in this ONE act!



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