Alive with right attraction, I RISE.

Turn up the volume of your personal power ALIVENESS, your radiance that resonates with right attraction will rise to meet to you and help carry you.

There is a right attraction flow for you that is connected to all you need. 

Let go of the stress of trying to figure it all out.

Stop the suffocating of your innate rising with the weight of worrying. 

You can talk yourself out of your dreams OR you can talk yourself into your dreams.

Let your words lead the way for you to get into agreement with the dreams the Creator/LIFE has placed within your heart. 

There is a right attraction flow that belongs to you. Meant for you. Look for it. Listen for it. Lean into it. Feel for it. RISE with it.

Serendipity walks beside you always with right attraction willing and ready to find you.

There is real living network always conspiring to support your best to RISE UP.

It’s a beautiful mantra to use as a power prayer…

♥️ {{ ALIVE with right attraction I RISE! }}



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Super Full Moon LIVE EVENT

Get the absolute most out of the strongest Super Full Moon 2022 with a deeply moving guided experience. In Connection & With Community. Come inside and sit by the flame of our hearts to thrive ALIVE together.

Event Includes:

  • Breathwork 
  • Meditation with Healing Somatic Movements 
  • Guided Releasing 
  • Integrating the 7 Core Bodies
  • Cleansing & Expanding in the areas of Relationships, Purpose, Home, Money, Wealth, Health, Healing, Heart Awakening, and Unleashed Expression.
 North America 
Wednesday, July 13th 
5:30 pm PST (Los Angeles, CA) (Vancouver)
6:30 pm MST (Denver, CO)
7:30 pm CST (Chicago, IL)
8:30 pm EST (New York, NY) (Torondo)
Thursday, July 14th
 8:30 am (Sydney, Australia)