My Softness Gives Me POWER

Give yourself SOFTNESS for power.
Hard force isn’t the way.
Hard force tears down.
Softness encircles and expands.
Enter your day with SOFTNESS.
Enter tough situations with softness toward yourself and others.
Let “softness” become an expanding energizing power for you.
Hardness creates constriction that blocks power and drains energy.
A powerful energizing shift with softness will dissolve blocks and barriers with the mantra.

My Softness Gives Me POWER

Softness isn’t weakness.
Softness is solidarity in your power that doesn’t have to push for presence to be known, it is power — present and felt.
Encompassing. Nourishing. Inclusive. Powerful. Full of Power.
Give yourself and others SOFTNESS in your power.
It’s a mighty soul posture.

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