I can UPLIFT from here.

This mantra is dedicated to the month of April with activating energy here for YOU! It’s time to RISE. Show up. Speak up. RISE & Shine in who you are!
It’s never too late to begin again.
It’s never too late to start.
It’s never too late to start over.
You can always UPLIFT from here… right now.
Feel the power in this mantra to speak ALIVE something for you.
In this moment, you can RISE.
So when the mind wants to spiral down… you have the mantra to expand the other way…
I can UPLIFT from here.
Doesn’t matter what your life currently looks like with your bank account, your relationship status, where you stand in your career path, in family dynamics, or how the world looks to you, it’s always possible to have some lift-off to RISE.
No matter what comes around you or at you… re-mind yourself… You can UPLIFT from here.
If someone wants to spiral a conversation down, an outlook, a situation, tear another down, or gossip … remember it doesn’t matter what their life spot speaks…
You can UPLIFT from here… right now… at this moment.
Speak it within your own mind when it wants to spiral you down.
Say it for a new rising stance for whatever situation you are in.
You can RISE.
Simply speak ALIVE to RISE this mantra truth…
I can UPLIFT from here.
Watch the lightness that opens more possibilities.
You can UPLIFT from here.
Rise in who you are.
I believe in you.
Namaste ~
♥️ Anne

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The stakes are high, we can no longer afford to dim down or withhold our POWER and our VOICE.

The time for action is now, as we have reached a tipping point that demands our true voice and fullest expression.

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Your next level of contribution with your God-given expansion already inside requires you to stand in the power and confidence of your own voice and take much larger risks than you have so far.

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