Supportive MIRACLES are here for me.

Claim it. Name it. Let it be.

No matter what is happening in your world or the bigger external world.

Supportive MIRACLES are here for you.

Tapping on your heart… repeat …. Supportive MIRACLES are here for me.

Speak it alive.

Drink water, repeat with yourself… Supportive MIRACLES are here for me. Water is a carrier. A conduit of energy.

Let all your cells ease-drop into the energy stream of miracles ready to support you.

It’s easy to feel alone, overwhelmed, let down, disappointed or even disconnected from life’s natural supportive stream of miracles when the news or current state of affairs want to push fear, division, gloom and doom.

I invite you to stay in the supportive stream of life’s miracles with this mantra. What I would call the real living network of LIFE.

As Jesus said… “Be in the world but not of it.”

Call upon the supportive stream of miracles here for you in whatever way you have to stretch your faith in your own possibilities… making the phone call, having the conversation, dreaming bigger, saying YES to something, believing in a favorable outcome, and stepping into the unknown.

May you prepare your week, month of December, and 2023 with this mantra… Supportive MIRACLES are here for me.

Reclaim your worthy righteousness to prosper in life’s gracious good.

Let your heart smile supportive MIRACLES are here for you.

Place your focus, faith, and frequency of the supportive power of MIRACLES ready to come your way.


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