I am living inside the ABUNDANCE that surrounds and is all around!

You are standing inside an abundant universe. Nature speaks her blessings and bounty of abundance as a reminder of her thriving process. You are included in the natural supporting, surrounding abundance of life.

Attune to your abundance.
Affirm your abundance.
Speak the mantra of abundance…. I am living inside the abundance that surrounds and is all around.

We do not live in a withholding universe.
We live inside an abundant source.

Step outside of the scarcity perceptions and inside authentic truth of your abundant birthright to thrive. Carrying this mantra message into your week… I am living inside the abundance that surrounds and is all around.

♥️ Namaste, Anne

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Within all of us are the “masculine” and “feminine” energetics. We can easily see these energetics play out in life however, they are not specific to genders. We have both energies inside us.

It is up to each of us to have a good internal relationship with these energetics to live out our desired dreams.


Tuesday, July 16th

Embracing the Feminine Flow

Connect. Heal. Align. Together.

This is why I am offering a LIVE Workshop + Ritual together. I highly recommend you attend LIVE for our collective connection and to benefit from the amplification of group energy. When a group comes together with a common intention, a powerful energetic field is created to support the outcome of each individual and the entire group. 

Connection is the fast track to create.

The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is an incredibly potent time to step forth with “Embracing the Feminine Flow”. This Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is about releasing the part of your feminine power that has been covered or eclipsed your full power presence.