Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today!

Enthusiasm is a superpower we all have in our own unique energy combination. Give yourself this extremely powerful mantra for energy. You will instantly and automatically receive an energy rise simply by repeating this mantra slowly and fully with a deep breath to pull it into the body and embody…

Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today.

All your highly favorable good will move faster toward you.
Want more energy?
Or an instant energy burst?
Or synchronicity to step up for you?
Try super-charging the mantra message right now with water. As you take a drink of water, repeat the mantra slowly and silently in your mind… Filled with enthusiasm, I energize my body, my mind, and today!
Another way of saying this mantra is… I am showing up alive, vibrant, present, filled with charisma, and ready to embrace my life fully with no fear. Life, bring my most high for the day forward. Whatever has been blocked or in the way — now moves quickly away.
Hold the focus, be the frequency and deepen your faith…
Filled with enthusiasm. I energize today.
Every morning this week begin your day with a simple meditational moment by drinking water while repeating the mantra for the energy surge to support you.
Enthusiasm is the energy medicine of the soul. Let it wash over you.

♥️ Namaste,


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