My voice is a gift from most high… 
…a loving gift to fully express my best.
Silenced. Shhhhed. Shamed. Expression turned down. Held back. Controlled. Now contained in the other extreme of how we entered the world free to feel and express.
When you lose your voice, you lose yourself.
The true voice is a tool of the soul. A sacred gift.
Reclaim your next best expression with your voice.
Put your hands over your heart and repeat…. My voice is a gift from most high… a loving gift to fully express my best.
Find your freedom to turn up the volume of your most precious gift to express… your voice… what you have to share.
Let your voice be true with ease and flow.
Let your words speak worlds alive.
Let your voice be free to touch the truth.
Let your words land with connection.
Set your soul free to fly - start with your voice a gift from most high.
This mantra is dedicated to the month of March. May you gift yourself FULLER EXPRESSION as nature brings her glory alive this month, we are a part of nature ready to bloom fuller.

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