I Am Worth It!

The answer is yes. You are worth it.

Your life is saying… Yes… Yes… Yes.

You are worth it. Your heart is beating consistently the answer of…
Yes - Yes - Yes.

You are worth it. Repeat the mantra…
I am worth it.
Whatever is coming up for you now. Let this mantra guide you. You are worth it.
Place your hand over your heart… feel your heartbeat… get in rhythm and in sync with your natural - YES. That is what your heartbeat is saying over and over again.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Anchor the mantra… I am worth it. Whenever you feel doubt or fear rattle you. Close your eyes and let your heartbeat remind you of the YES that is already alive and beating your heart with an unwavering YES and repeat… I am worth it.
Because you are.
Worth it.

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