I am ready & open to shine.

 …and after the long hard rain, it was time to open up & shine! It’s time to radiate your magnificent beauty, perfectly designed and ready to shine!

Speak your divine inheritance into being.

I am ready & open to shine.

It’s your time to blossom.

What is the season of your blooming?

Just like the Christmas Cactus who shows up to shine at this time in full bloom. You have a season that has been preparing you for this time. All that has gone before has nourished the path you stand upon today. You are the light the world needs. Let your fullness expand in all that is ready to shine.

Root into your readiness… speak it alive… I am ready & open to shine.

Let your let shine,



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Solstice Soul Honoring Ceremony LIVE 2021

Solstice Soul Honoring Ceremony LIVE on 12-21-2021 tuning in and transforming how you can use the deep insights of this powerful transformative time to give completion to 2021 and open fully for 2022 the year of relationships. What relationship(s) is now in its time to transform forward. Fuel your faith, frequency, and focus to carry clear served intentions for your life to take shape in the new year.

us.png  6:00 pm PST (Los Angeles, CA)

 7:00 pm MST (Denver, CO)

 8:00 pm CST (Chicago, IL)

 9:00 pm EST (New York, NY)

au.png 1:00 pm Sydney, Australia (next day)

 >> Reserve your ticket here $27 early bird pricing ($37 day of event) >>