I Receive My G O O D!

Good is God with another O. Let the power of this mantra align the Divine Dignity already with you to receive fully your G O O D.
This is a powerful mantra for balancing the many over-givers reading this message who are being called to connect deeper and more fully to their natural energy exchange.
“I Receive My Good” is an amplifier mantra of right action for your connection with Source - Universe - Abundance - Prosperity - God.
Believe it.
Receive it.
Speak it.
Repeat it.

♥️ “I Receive My Good.” Hold both hands over your heart and feel it. Strengthen your worthiness muscle to receive your good by stating frequently throughout the day and the week.

I Receive My Good.
Let the good that is ready to move with rightful action toward you be received by you.
Let the good that is ready to FLOW through you be received.
Use the 4 Step FLOW to support receiving your GOOD:
F ocus on freely receiving your GOOD.
L ove with gratitude you’re receiving GOOD.
O mnipotent power is delivering your GOOD.
W orthiness is already yours, your inherent birthright — inheritance.
Say it… I Receive My Good.
You are worth it.

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