My Softness Gives Me Power.

You will find powerful strength as you give SOFTNESS to yourself. Hard force isn’t the way to power. Hard force tears down. Softness encircles and expands.

Enter your day with SOFTNESS to yourself. Enter tough situations with softness to others. Let “softness” become an expanding energizing power for you. Hardness creates constriction that blocks power and drains energy.

Repeat this mantra {My Softness Gives Me Power} throughout your day. A powerful energizing shift toward yourself, others and will dissolve blocks and barriers. 

Softness creates a powerful energizing shift toward yourself and others.

Softness can dissolve blocks and barriers.

Create an energy expanding week with some deep breaths and mini-meditational moments by repeating…

My Softness Gives Me Power!

Repeat it three times and feel the lightness of energy enter.


Softness in Power and Radical Self Kindness Mantra

by Anne Ribley | 11 Minutes

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