Self Kindness Mantra

Self Kindness Mantra

My Softness Gives Me Power! You will find powerful strength as you give SOFTNESS to yourself. Hard force isn’t the way to power. Hard force tears down. Softness encircles and expands.
Enter your day with SOFTNESS to yourself. Enter tough situations with softness to others. Let “softness” become an expanding energizing power for you. Hardness creates constriction that blocks power and drains energy.
Repeat this mantra {My Softness Gives Me Power} throughout your day. A powerful energizing shift toward yourself, others and will dissolve blocks and barriers. Create an energy expanding week with some deep breaths and mini-meditational moments by repeating… My Softness Gives Me Power! Repeat it three times and feel the lightness of energy enter.

Love Life Mantra

Love Life Mantra

I Love My Life. My Life Loves Me Back! Love is the highest vibration and naturally accelerates the law of attraction. Let this mantra settle into every cell of your being. Embrace and energize the well-being AND the miraculous impact that LOVE empowers!! Simply stating the mantra… I LOVE MY LIFE sets into motion the matching vibration for your LIFE TO LOVE YOU BACK! Immediate shifts of life affirming congruence for your heart’s desires will start to shape changes. Take the time to state the mantra a least three times throughout your day for this week.

Authenticity in Action! Exquisite YOU!

Authenticity in Action! Exquisite YOU!

ticity in Action” Let your unfolding be… graceful, natural and exquisitely YOU!

I wanted to post something last night about being “authentic” I wrestled with the words. I didn’t want it to sound cliche about a phrase that is thrown around a lot. I wanted to find the right way to express the magic power authenticity carries if we have the courage to be authentic in the most simplest ways.

I deleted the words from the FB status and copied them into the notes on my phone to save for later. Then this morning my mom called.

She began telling me a story about her travels over the past weekend. She was at a professional convention with my dad which included success motivation topics. During a presentation my mom saw a woman who appeared very sad, a few rows over. Her face was red and she looked like she had been crying. My mom said she couldn’t stop thinking of this womAuthenticity in Actionan while listening to the presentation. She said there was an energetic pull, almost like a magnetic draw she couldn’t stop toward the woman.

The Sweet Surrender With Love

Let go. Become open. Tap into the sweet surrender of love. Become one with the power that embraces your most authentic life. Discover how you don’t have to try so hard, when you align with the power of love. Simply surrender and allow the highest vibration of love to empower you. Be Love and you will be “beloved”. Join the conversation, as we explore how love is always a relationship of giving and receiving that starts on the inside first. Looking at my life I see that only Love Has been my soul’s companion From deep inside My soul cries out: Do not wait, surrender For the sake of Love....

Intimacy ~ Love ~ Connection

Love is in the air…. it’s that time of year we celebrate love. Today’s broadcast Empower11 Radio is all about the most powerful connection we can explore “Intimacy ~ Into-Me-I-See”. Whether you are in a deeply comitted relationship, single, ready for love or not sure…join the conversation as we explore the power of intimacy, love and connection in our lives.

You Are Fully Worthy Of Happiness

As my life spiraled into a frenzy of complication, I lived in a place where I was tired of doing more and more to make it right. My husband and I were married for ten years before we started having children. At one point, all the people around us in our lives thought we were this awesome couple to look up to. And the truth of the matter is for the level of maturity at this point of our lives, maybe we were.