As long as I shine… I will be fine!

This is a personal mantra in our household. It’s a mantra that Jack began saying daily. I hear it frequently enough that I had to share because it has such relevance to radiate from a great place. I want you to think about how you can embody shining brighter in every situation you encounter this week.

There are countless ways fear stockpiles upon us and it can make living a held-back life seem natural and it is NOT. Let your “radiate self” lead you for a remarkable week with the mantra… As long as I shine, I will be fine!

Let this powerful mantra help lead you. Jack was in a spotlight situation and he almost declined on something for speaking up. However, he said… hearing the mantra in his mind repeat… As long as I shine, I will be fine pushed him forward. And understand, he is a confident speaking man.

The deal is… we all situations can we let ourselves slide into the background of our lives: Not say it. Not share it. Not ask for it. Not step into it. Not call out to it. Not say yes to it. Not speak up to it. Not allow the change.

I invite you to turn up the volume of YOU. We need more of your shine in the world. Make it a great week letting your light shine.

Shine on,

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