Trust Miracles

I trust as my miracles find me!

Two important questions to define and activate your miracles to find you.

What do you need? Really need. Not kind of sort of need, a real deal need.

Next, have you given “the need” a commitment to resolve?

Both of these defining questions activate the clarity of Divine Order to move toward supporting you with miraculous conditions. 

I live in constant AWE of how miraculous the natural laws of miracles are always at work to support our lives. 

I just went through this exact process for getting a new home. My commitment was the date I had to be moved out by and I definitely had a real need of finding a new place to live. What happened next, over the course of many weeks was literally leaning in and trusting for the miracle of what was right for my family to find us. I gave no energy or attention to anything other than trusting what was needed was going to be handled and given.

Anyone that was close to me who witnessed the process voiced, my same words afterward — WOW that was a miracle! On Friday, I signed for a home that is perfectly matched for my family at this time and it happened amidst many obstacles or odds to even get or find it.

I didn’t will it with force. I didn’t use worry to stake importance in my mind. I stayed calm as I wholehearted trusted that my miracle would find me. It didn’t happen as a lightening bolt miracle either. It was many different soft whispers, along with several small pieces of actions that added up to a miraculous outcome.

I want that for you with something you need. Really need. Define your commitment for it. Speak the mantra into your whole being & say… I trust as my miracles find me! 

Trust in Your Miracle Mantra

by Anne Ribley | 20 Minutes

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