I allow my WORTHY shift to fly high.
Let your heart be seen.
Let yourself be seen.
Let what you need to be seen.
Let your desires be seen.
Let your power be seen.
Allow your worthy shift to be seen to YOU!
Allow your worthy shift to be seen in the world.
Allow your worthy shift to be seen to others.
What is the WORTHY shift this season of your life is asking of you?
You have it in you already.
You were destined for exactly where you are right now as who you are.
It’s time for your truest life vision and your worthy shift to have wings to soar like never before.

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Worthy Woman Shift Workshop








Join the Worldwide Event on the New Moon Eclipse

North America Times 

1:00 pm PST (Los Angeles, CA) (Vancouver)
2:00 pm MST (Denver, CO)
3:00 pm CST (Chicago)
4:00 pm EST (New York) (Toronto)

Worldwide Times

za 10:00 pm Oct 25th (Cape Town, South Africa)

 7:00 am Oct 26th  (Sydney, Australia)

Drop the struggle and connect to the fire within you… the Inner Knowing… your Soul’s Calling…


  • Reconnect to Your Dreams
  • Reset Your Body
  • Release All Self-Doubt
  • Rekindle Your Light
  • Recommit to Your Worthiness
  • The old ways are no longer working.
  • The paradigm has changed.
  • This is a time when you can no longer sit back… you need to step forward for the needed shift.

Discover the 7 Expression Power Centers to help you connect to your inner light, to reclaim your sense of deep worthiness.

Now is the time more than ever a change is being called forward…a real SHIFT is being asked now.  

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