Thank You for the Worthy Wisdom guiding my every choice!

Inside you can access.


Your worthy wisdom to speak.


Imagine not being confused, small, indecisive or sabotaging because you check in and ask the Worthy Wisdom inside to guide you in making the choice. The next right action. With the next conversation. Worthy Wisdom is the Greater part of your being already available to you. It is not something you have to hustle, perform or earn for the Worthy Wisdom to be yours of the guiding.

Thank you — two of the most powerful words. Beginning your mantra with the gratitude for what is already accepted as the outcome to be — amplifies and solidifies — the energy being carried through for you. Thank you is the acknowledgment of the blessing already bestowed.

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” - Meister Eckhart

Try it now. Think of an area you feel your shrinking with habituated/programmed fuzzy smallness, paralysis of analysis or uncertainty… speak this mantra…

Thank you for the Worthy Wisdom guiding my every choice.

You will immediately feel a dignity rise as your soul gives you a posture to more fully embody your power with choices of your very own clarity connection to carry you. Use it throughout the day as you come to a choice. Let the wisest worthy part of you guide the way.

Namaste ~

♥️ Anne

P.S. I personally have been working with this mantra so much. I have it posted for me to say daily. It started out as … I am Worthy Wisdom… which I do say as well in the place I choose to access. However it evolved into a full devotion. Prayer. Mantra intention to the Mantra you have here.


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