Full Moon Ritual

~ The Miraculous Full Moon Ritual ~

It’s a natural synchronizing time for your soul.

Letting go and making room for what’s ready to transform.

The full moon cycle offers a time of major life shifts.
Letting deeply suppressed protective layers to be released.
Opening up for something fresh and new.
Allowing the transformation and healing that is deeply desired from the core of YOU to break-thru!

A charming find one day while eating lunch in Solvang, California.

A charming find one day while eating lunch in Solvang, California.

You, me, all of us are similar to that flower, blade of grass that never forgets to grow toward the light. Remember your inner knowingness. Break-thru any of those layers and heavy barriers that have shown up as limiting beliefs, hurtful experiences, life let downs, painful past traumas and continue to BECOME that flower or blade of grass that finds the path to the light on the other side of the thick heavy asphalt/cement.

The vulnerable grass blade or flower doesn’t spring up through the crack in the asphalt by a domination of force. It gets on the other side by the natural innate life force to break-thru.



Reach out.

Open up.

Incremental movements toward the light.

The natural evolution to thrive.

If you have felt a real surge of swirling robust energy circulating in your life lately.

Know that you are not alone.
We are a connected Universe.
The moon is moving in the full position, a highly amplified time of time of alignment, boosting the movement of energy.
Ocean tides will be peaking high.

What’s moving in the high position of priority for you to heal and transform in your life right now?

The core heart of what matters to you is important!
We need to safeguard moments of sacredness to connect to the core. This is why taking time during the full moon to empty the bucket of what has collected that no longer needs to be carried is important.

The full moon ritual is a simple spiritual practice to check in and release during the natural time to bring light to the darker, heavier areas that need to be lightened up.

Take time the time of the full moon to do the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual to:

  • reflect
  • let go of confusion
  • blockages
  • resentments
  • grievances
  • pain
  • trauma
  • fears
  • suppressed resistance patterns
  • create open space for transformation and healings
  • invite the miraculous in

Let the miraculous to come through with new manifestations.

Let your light shine.

The power of the miraculous full moon ritual is a monthly spiritual practice that can transform your life.

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