November New Moon 2016

November New Moon 2016

Manifesting New Moon Ritual ~ Tuesday, November 29th 2016 ~ (7 easy steps for the New Moon Ritual:
Refresh. Reset. Renew.
Enough of the dark and heavy shadow energy that has been looming for a long lingering cycle! It’s time to stretch into the meaningful and significant light of dreams and intentions. Let’s begin within each of our own hearts and souls.
Nourish your soul. Relax into the acceptance for where you are today, so that you may plant the seeds for what’s next in the grounded soil of your life.
Begin a new start. Look to the year ahead. What are you envisioning for yourself? Time to think bigger. Put plans into place. Expand the energy around areas that have been stuck by bringing out the light of deeper intention-based dreams.
3 Focus Steps for the November New Moon Ritual:

The Power of the Full Moon Ritual

~ The Miraculous Full Moon Ritual ~ It’s a natural synchronizing time for your soul. Letting go and making room for what’s ready to transform. The full moon cycle offers a time of major life shifts. Letting deeply suppressed protective layers to be released. Opening up for something fresh and new. Allowing the transformation and healing that is deeply desired from the core of YOU to break-thru! You, me, all of us are similar to that flower, blade of grass that never forgets to grow toward the light. Remember your inner knowingness. Break-thru any of those layers and heavy barriers that have shown up as limiting beliefs, hurtful experiences, life let downs, painful past traumas and continue to BECOME that flower or blade of grass that finds the path to the light on the other side of the thick heavy asphalt/cement. The vulnerable grass blade or flower doesn’t spring up through the crack in the asphalt by a domination of force. It gets on the other side by the natural innate life force to break-thru. Unfurl. Unfold. Reach out. Open up. Incremental movements toward the light. The natural evolution to thrive. If you have felt a real surge of swirling robust energy circulating in your life lately. Know that you are not alone. We are a connected Universe. The moon is moving in the full position, a highly amplified time of time of alignment, boosting the movement of energy. Ocean tides will be peaking high. What’s moving in the high position of priority for you to heal and transform in your life right now? The core heart of what...

New Moon Ritual May 2015

Manifesting New Moon Ritual May 17-18th, 2015 It’s time to BRING light to your hopes, dreams, prayers and intentions. You can break free into your dreams.  Significant cycles of change have been stirring and shaking up long held patterns for several months now. We are at important crossroads of change. Clarity of intention holds real power to impact the new manifesting changes that are ready to evolve next… on a very personal and global level for each of us.  Bring the light of awareness to what your soul is here to do next.  Lots of energy stirring right now as it seeks to be grounded into the next best practical steps for balance and well-being.  Have you felt emotionally charged about something recently? Obsessively dwelling on something specific?  Deeply desiring a resolution over something?  Those feelings and energies are guiding to you toward your desired change. Align with your intentions. Let your whole heart be true and open to what is ready to come forth next for you. Join me, and thousands of others around the world as we “write it right” (pen to paper - antenna to God/Universe) with prayers, hopes, intentions and dreams in our hearts. Lighting our candles together around the world.  + PLUS, I will be hosting a special Teleseminar for the May Manifesting New Moon on Sunday, May 17th @4:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm EST. (be sure you are on my email list for details) I will be sharing how to best use this current cycle to manifest profound change. Including, the upcoming Mercury Retrograde period that begins following the May new moon.  Namaste my...

April Blood/Pink Full Moon 2015

Miraculous Blood/Pink Full Moon ~ Saturday, April 4th, 2015 ~ Transformational Eclipse Energy Create your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual, and connect to your heart of truth! The same as new seasons and cycles arrive with special blessings and gifts, the Total Lunar Eclipse Energy of the Pink/Blood Full Moon is a natural phenomenon symbolizing union and connection.  Even if you don’t physically see the lunar eclipse, you can still access the amazing energy presented with the transformational eclipse. A total lunar eclipse full moon is when the sun + moon + earth pass through a precise alignment of simultaneous sunrises/sunsets globally casting pinkish red tones or a ring around the moon creating the pink/blood full moon. This powerful synchronizing time represents transformation on matters of connection, relationships and getting to your heart of truth. Connect. Seek Your Heart of Truth. Heal a Relationship. What’s pulling for deeper connection in your life? What is seeking the heart of truth for you to embody more deeply in your life? What relationship needs healing? Is it a connection with a specific person, an energy pattern with someone, your worldly relationship with purpose, career, or a job? Is it a money relationship or your relationship with your body?  The transformational energy of this lunar eclipse holds potent power to balance and boost your ability to heal all these . Seek your heart of truth for the healing of a relationship that is now ready for a new beginning cycle. This weekend, create your ritual with the simple spiritual practice of reflection and release.  Write it right (antenna to God/Source) create your ritual of...
Choosing to Be the Change You Wish to See – Welcome 2015

Choosing to Be the Change You Wish to See – Welcome 2015

I embrace family, love family. I am a family person. I come from a big family, and like many others may have experienced, my holidays have been riddled with family dramas. There are so many ways the dramas show up with holiday festivities as opinions, dysfunctions, addictions and long standing antics that mix with pure doses of love and family bonding. Despite all those twists and turns of agendas and dramas that USED to churn their own twists and turns on my insides, I have had the best Christmas and holiday ever. I have spent so much of my life trying to get inside that place where I was untouched by the swirling craziness or lack of it because of disconnection. Neither extreme felt like home to me. There was a time when it felt so hard to get into that place when the very immediate and primary family I was creating began to have unsettling dynamics. My primary family didn’t feel like an “at home peace”. This Christmas has the most confirming to me for the inner work I have done to get here. It took honor, deep truthful self-honor. It was tough, one of the hardest decisions of my life, to step toward what I call, “getting inside my life”. There were so many unknowns I had to cross, especially with having young kids because I wanted to do right by them. I wanted so badly to have health, peace, love and connection in my core family unit. My soul craved it, yearned for it. I longed for that comforting family belonging. Why was it so hard...

Reflections on Moon Beams & Heart Smiles

I want to share what you have meant to me. I want to thank you. I want to thank everyone of you. Truly from my heart to yours! Thank you. I spent the past several days working long hours putting together the reminders, the emails and so much of the behind the scene elements for the upcoming full moon content and teleseminars. A lot of outpouring I had been doing for several days, non-stop. It was around midnight, Saturday night and the super moon was shining so bright and magnificent through the glass sliding doors in my office. I sat on the floor silently soaking in radiant moon light. It was only a simple act of  looking up at the moon and a simple smile that stirred something deep in me.  My smile felt different. My smile felt deeply soulful, sweet and sincere. In that moment something came full circle for me. Since I have started sharing the spiritual practice of the Moon Rituals, all of you you have immediately embraced me. Thanked me. Encouraged me. Inspired me. Shared your stories with me in ways I know and ways only my heart does. I get blown away by the beauty of all of you. The worldwide embrace of 50+ countries. The honest humility of each of you, your dreams and intentions. It all came full circle to me as… I recalled something I wrote eight years ago.  Here is the verbatim excerpt from 2006: While I lived in a beautiful home, with the most incredible property, that to the outside world appeared to be a picture perfect life, there had...