Anne RibleyWe are at the last full moon of 2013!

What a powerful time to release or relinquish all old lingering energies or feelings from the past year, or even longer!

Start the New Year fresh and revitalized with possibilities ~ for your prayers, dreams and wishes ~ to come true! I encourage everyone to synchronize with the transformative change the Full Moon can bring for illuminating all the dark or heavy energies that can be released through a powerful ritual!

What I always recommend to do on the last Full Moon of the year is to look at the patterns and themes of the year that’s ending that you would like to release.

Intention is the most important aspect to align with the healing energy that’s available during the times of the Full/New Moon. Showing up to align your internal world with your external world is so important to keep the spiritual practice of the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual. It’s a simple way, each month, to transform your life ~ it’s not something you’ll delay or avoid because of complexity.

Keeping it Simple, Yet Magically Transformative:

  1. Create a sacred space with meditational music.
  2. Write down on a piece of paper all you want to relinquish. These are all the darker aspects of your life. The more specific the better. Write down the areas where you need Divine help to heal ~ whether it be something on the inside of you or a life situation.
  3. Set in the fireplace and let the paper burn.
  4. Announce the words out loud with full intention, I Relinquish! Be Gone!
  5. Stay open to the miraculous and watch your prayers begin to manifest.

I have also included a recent Empower11 Radio Show where we explore the importance of this time of year and the Full Moon.

The miraculous power of love can transform, heal, empower and create miracles in our lives. Join the conversation as we explore how to lean into love. Life is not a withholding system; leaning into love unlocks the abundant nature of life and the corresponding miracles ready to step forth. Become an open channel for the miracles you seek to experience at this time, right now!


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