It can be easy. It can be easy. It can be easy.

Say it with me.
Doesn’t matter what it is BIG or small.
Simple or complicated…
It can be easy.
It can be easy.
It can be easy.
Surrender the resistance.
Trust in the flow.
Allow it to be, without a tight control to make it happen.
This mantra is for you.
This mantra is for someone you care about.
This mantra is for me.
A loving reminder (literally re-minding the mind).
It can be easy.
Yes, it can.
When the world or internal fears, worries, and concerns want to place complexity, hardship, and difficulty upon you…. Simply repeat out loud or silently in your mind.
It can be easy. It can be easy. It can be easy.
This was the mantra I gave to my niece when she was 8 months pregnant and suddenly had to move AND find a new home in an area that had very little available choices. Not to mention, she was attempting a planned home birth for her second pregnancy (to give herself a completely different experience from her traumatic first birth). Lots of important life pieces were on the line.
I kept telling her… your mantra is… It can be easy. Keep repeating it.
Guess what? It all found an easy flow.
Did the move require something of her? Yes.
Did the birth require something of her? Yes.
AND there was an amazing flow that gave the whole experience EASE.
I want that for you right now for whatever needs a flow of ease.
Nature thrives in a flow of beauty and ease. You are included in that flow.
Here is your re-minding mantra for it.
It can be easy.
It can be easy.
It can be easy.
Repeat it. Say it. Wherever or whenever needed.
Life is a living network, ease-dropping on our repeating words.
Sending you all the ease you need now.

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