GRACE grant me space for gratitude & blessings.

Let GRACE fill your space with gratitude and blessings.

ūüôŹūüŹĹ Amazing GRACE.

Speak it to life…

Grace grant me the space to hold gratitude.

Grace grant me the space to hold gratitude for prayers answered.

Grace grant me space at the table. ..

Space in my heart…

Space with my time… Space with my healthy lines of boundaries where necessary to where I end and another begins… Space with my choices… Space with what I choose next with GRACE… Space to honor me… to honor you…. All of us… Grace to feel the plentiful abundance… Grace to fill the space with my intentional life radiance toward all life in the energy field.

Breathe deeply the presence of space filled with GRACE that includes all worlds seen and unseen that for what is true with the Source of Today.

With Gratitude & Blessings.



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