The Sweeping of More… ABUNDANCE… More or Less?

We live in a time of such abundance and more… More availability to all the foundational elements to thrive… food, shelter, clothing and powerful connectivity to create on so many levels.

Yet, there is epidemic of overwhelm and anxiety that MORE can sweep up the very soul of us into worldly weather patterns of not enough and constantly needing more. Marketing has become part of our social fabric. It’s influencing us from every direction. Screens pushing out more and more — bits of information and data — influencing and pushing behaviors is now the world we live in.

MORE is a mighty energy stream — pushing at all of us consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. It’s going deep, fast. Promoting the chase of MORE. Chasing more to “get there”. Chasing more to not feel deprived. Motivating us to “be more”. “Do more”. More. More. More. The topic of more could explode into an endless mount of MORE.

And with all this MORE there is the epidemic of LESS and LOSS. Missing out. Something missing. A form of emptiness. It’s that thing creating sleep disruptions. Middle of the night panic. In some of us, clear loneliness or isolation is present from something meaningful. And in some, it’s the slow insidious undercurrent of some form of “not enough” undetectable pressing on us.

Despair. Loneliness. Isolation. Feeling left out of some form of belonging or connection is a real energy circulating in the collective consciousness and it’s affecting every gender, age and social economic bracket. Everything that contradicts — MORE. Maybe there is a life area has been painful or problematic for you with some form of suppression with loss, less than or deprivation.

Connection is the cure.
Core connection to our true nature.
Getting into alignment with our essential nature heals, transforms and creates powerful inner and outer congruence.

When alignment is authentic. Real. True. At the very core it creates inner and outer coherence in how we are using our waking and working energies to create with life.

There isn’t a one stop shop or an 8 second hack to revolutionarily and instantaneously become pure full alignment of connection continuously. It is a practice that builds with true momentum when the gaps of incongruence of connection — shorten. And when the real core connection strengthens. I call this deepening with soul stamina.

Rituals are the spiritual glue for connection. Rituals are shaping our lives. I speak often how the fastest way to change a habit is change the ritual. Habits will follow the ritual.

Rituals are a natural technology to regulate the ebbs and flows of life energy. Nature is built within rituals of change. Whether it is Autumn or Spring time where you live. We can recognize the powerful energy nature’s ritual is bringing us as a cycle of change.

Rituals allow us to process one passage of life to another more fully. Overwhelm is an incessant stream of unprocessed energy, emotions, life experiences, events without the sufficient passage to allow and process the reset for genuine renewal. Without the proper processing… anxiety will become the shadow following overwhelm. And many times, if we don’t stop to check-in and connect with what is happening, we can get swept up into MORE trying to get out of the overwhelm or anxiety to only find MORE overwhelm and anxiety on the other side of it.

I believe CONNECTED SUPPORT is the answer we need with each other to uplift our next evolution as a soul and our togetherness with life. Coming together is an amplifier. Using sacred rituals whether small personally created ones or organized spiritually based moments of ceremonial change is transformative.

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In Buddhist tradition it is called the “Hungry Ghosts”. Or another way to say it with mainstream language is — Scarcity. (I call it living in Scare City.)
The unnerving state of never enough.
Unrelenting needing.
Hurry and get it before it’s gone.
Or it might not last.
Feeling left out.
Not chosen.

Most hungry ghosts are old adaptive programs or responses that plague us from some form of trauma or scarcity scarring that was imprinted early on into our subconscious. And much of mainstream energy still keeps the scarcity power train circulating. The good news is that we are entering into an incredibly powerful time to review and re-write the old programming……. READ MORE.