Anne Ribley & Jack Voorheis Soulmate LoveLove is in the air…. it’s that time of year we celebrate love. Today’s broadcast Empower11 Radio is all about the most powerful connection we can explore “Intimacy ~ Into-Me-I-See”. Whether you are in a deeply committed relationship, single, ready for love or not sure…join the conversation as we explore the power of intimacy, love and connection in our lives.

Join me for  an exclusive teleseminar on Thursday, February 13th for my attendees who have joined me for the Manifesting New Moon Ritual or Miraculous Full Moon Ritual Webinars/Teleconferences and are interested in exploring deeper healing energy with love and relationships this full moon.

How to move into a stronger love presence that naturally heals past hurts

  • How to best use the spiritual practice of the Moon Ritual to align with your true love nature
  • How to attract soulmate love or deepen your current intimate love relationship with the powerful intentions set forth during a Moon Ritual
  • Heal your heart and expand your love with your own actionable prayers
  • How to get into a match vibration with the love you have or desire to attract



1. Create your sacred space with music and candles.

2. Write two letters of release. First Letter: Release and forgive the past with someone, life or yourself (be expressive, BOLD; with no worries of being spiritual correct)  Second Letter: Write a love letter to the ideal love for your heart ~ it doesn’t matter whether you have a love relationship now or not. Write a letter of what ideal love would feel like, show up like and be for your truest heart connection (be free and telling and specific in all imaginable ways for you).

3. First letter of release about the past throw into the fire. Announce out loud with full intention. Be Gone! I Relinquish!

4. Second letter of your heart’s intentions. You keep. Let the energy of your heart’s truest intention for love infuse into your essence and energy field.

5. Open your heart fully toward resonating with rapport the reciprocating love to come forth. Your prayers will begin to manifest in love toward you.


February 12, 2014 Empower11 Radio Show:

Intimacy ~ Love ~ Connection

Intimacy (Into-ME-I-see) is a powerful state of connection. Intimacy ~ we want it. Crave it. Desire it. Yearn for it. Intimacy is a fundamental need of connection to life. Intimacy is a come closer energy. As we approach a time for the celebration of love, join the conversation as we explore what it means to get into a powerful relationship with intimacy, love and connection. We are always closer to it than we realize because it starts with the relationship with self first.

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