Jack Voorheis & Anne Ribley on Mackinac Island at Grand Hotel where Somewhere in Time was filmed.

What a symbol of dreams coming to life. Recently, I spent time on Mackinac Island, Michigan where the movie, “Somewhere in Time” was filmed.

I am moved beyond….

All the dreams that are really true to our hearts can come to life. Stephen Simon was the man possible for getting the movie “Somewhere in Time” produced.  He also brought together the Spiritual Cinema Circle Cruise Film Festival, which I attended. It was on this film festival cruise that I made a friendship connection.  I also made the connection that ultimately led to more connections, and years later to an amazing love story of my heart’s dreams come to life with Jack Voorheis.

I am moved beyond… to the real magic that exist each and every moment to energize our heart’s deepest dreams that are alive and real, somewhere in time. These dreams will find their way to come alive if you just keep remembering the truth of your heart. Let yourself be pulled to your dreams.

Somewhere in Time….Your Dreams are Alive!






Inside the Grand Hotel

At the Grand Hotel - Let your dreams be BIG & GRAND …. every flower contains the potential to be a full flower garden … every tree - a forest!

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