Today, I celebrate what’s GREAT.

It’s important to not spend our precious life energy in a constant deficient of what’s wrong?
Or what could go wrong?
Or what’s missing?
Or what hasn’t happened.
Don’t let your feelings of what’s GREAT get flatlined by fear or a constant moving bar so high it rarely deems anything worthy of celebration. Grab the moment.
Today. Celebrate.
What’s great?
The connection and reflection of God’s light within your soul.
What’s great?
All the mini moments of victory that deserve honoring and celebration. The hug. The connection. The YES. The promise fulfilled. The miracle gift. The love felt.
What’s great? Your breathing lungs and beating heart filled with the holy grace of today. What’s great? Tomorrow’s dreams waiting for you to step toward.
What’s great? Everything you have now that gives you freedom to be.
You are GREAT. This moment with you is GREAT. I celebrate you.
Today. Let’s give this mantra movement for the next week of taking the time to savor the wins worthy of celebration. Any size. At any time. Next time you go to lunch or dinner. Give intention to what you are celebrating. Try to give more attention to the intention of celebrating what’s GREAT.
Say it with me… Today, I celebrate what’s GREAT. Watch the GREATNESS in your life multiple. Become a high vibrational match to what’s truly GREAT.
And let it grow GREATER.

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