My Miracles Claim Me. My Miracles Claim Me. My Miracles Claim Me.

Use this mantra to create the miracle frequency to wrap around the Universe and the field of pure possibility.
The focus for the frequency of faith forward.
Speak to your miracles that are ready to rush in.
Nothing is too big, small or tall for your Divine order.
Claim it.
Let’s speak it to LIFE.
Ready to thrive.
Repeat this mantra three times daily for the month of May.
Print it out. Save it on your screen.
Let the May Miracle be called in.
Blessings are blossoming.
Claim the miracle ready to bloom for you and all in need at this time.
The lotus bloomed amidst the mud. The mud was part of creating the miracle bloom of the lotus flower. Let the miracle ready to bloom present for you.
#MondayMantra #MantrasMatter #ClaimtheMiracleMantra

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