I am in my lane of GRACE!

The amplification of viewpoints, disruptions, and unknowns ahead can cause clouded connection. We are all collaborating a new co-creation of life. Every one of us and our personal power can play an interconnected role in how we grow together.

As each of us has been thrust into our own world within a confusing, chaotic time of the world. The power to know our own path is profoundly important. Use this mantra to claim your lane of GRACE.

This mantra has been something I have been repeating over and over at the current time. Repeat the mantra…. I am in my lane of GRACE to be in the place of power for you and what your life wants to be in collaboration with for what is needed at this time.

I am my lane of GRACE. Is the path of the miraculous. The path for blessings to blossom. Is the path to feel… the known when life seems unfamiliar and unknown. Is the certainty to continue with trust in the GRACE when uncertainty is the climate.

May you find peace and knowing inside your lane of grace today.

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