Love Leads Me. Blessings Follow Me.

Put love out in front… as your leader of the day. Follow love’s lead. Blessings will naturally click into place. When I was at the most uncertain time in my life. Love was the strongest answer, I could count on to lead my way. Let love lead you. I looked for every chance I could to let love lead me. I honestly believe that is how I drew “soulmate love” to me even when I wasn’t seeking it. 

Infuse the energy of love fully with how you show up to the world. 

Love leads me. Is another way of saying… I am showing up alive, vibrant, present, filled with charisma and ready to embrace my life fully with no fear. Speak the mantra in any situation throughout your day.

Love leads me. Love leads me. Love leads me.

Blessings will naturally spring up around you. Be at peace with declaring and receiving the blessings that will follow. Blessings follow me.

Heart smiles,



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