Alive With Confidence I Rise!

Turn up the volume of ALIVENESS, confidence will rise to meet to you and help carry you, it’s a beautiful thing. Experience the energizing effect every time you want a boost.

…. Alive With Confidence, I Rise!

These are the words I tell my kids whenever they have worry or doubt about a situation or their abilities.
I also tell myself those exact words I use to boost myself.
Confidence is not just something the mind thinks.
Confidence is a state of being.
Confidence is ALIVENESS.
Confidence is a spiritual posture — the soul’s posture that radiates throughout the energy of you and your life.
Confidence is not something you have to try and get.
It’s not a fake to make it kind of thing because that can be so hard to sustain.
Confidence is something you already have within you.
You can access the confidence in you and let it come through. Confidence is a “remembering” of that natural connection and a practicing of allowing the ALIVENESS of it to give you the lift up you need.
May your week shine as you turn up the volume of your life’s ALIVENESS.
Confidence is the courage to not get swallowed up in feeling alone and disconnected from your core connection of LIFE to support you.
You are a radiant confident being ready to rise.
Shine on

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