Listen in beloved being…

Your soul-sourced power connection wants to speak to you.
Tune out the noisy world competing for your inner terrain and tune into your power posture living inside the “still enough” space. No matter what has gone before.
You are still enough. You are still enough. You are still enough.
Powerful. Whole. Complete.
A shift is happening. As each of us reshape our current landscape in some new capacity.
Let these 2 simple power words be your mantra…
…Still Enough…
Find strength, connection and protection to expand with your full powered enoughness.
Be “Still ENOUGH” to hear the answers and expansion seeking you and speaking to your heart.
Your heart is a resonance feeler.
You can feel the truth and aliveness in answers speaking to your heart.
Honor what you are hearing.
The world is louder now. Noisier. Full of distraction.
It takes a daily devotion and practice to be “Still Enough” to give yourself space inside.
To tune out what is distracting and disruptive to your holy sacred true “Still Enough” space within your soul.
Use this mantra to speak truth in your inherent worthy connection you are STILL ENOUGH — no matter what seems missing, lacking or out of reach for you in this moment.
Be STILL ENOUGH to hear the truth of your life’s answers in the heart of what is true for you.
Attune to the power always here for you in the “Still Enough” space.

Use the mantra to create your shift with focus and faith in what is next… Still ENOUGH… and so it is.




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