I welcome… the golden warm miracle ready for me.
This is a perfect mantra for the month of May.
Welcome the golden warm miracle ready for you.
Pick the life area that has felt disconnected, cold, and distant, now imagine specifically that person, place or life situation with the embracing energy of golden warmth that calls forth the miracle you are now ready to receive.
Take that situation or person and hold them in the warm golden light for 3 minutes in the morning and at the end of the night.
Welcome the miracle stepping forth for you. It’s time to define specifically what you are ready to embrace forward. Hold your faith, focus, and frequency on the golden warm light of what is miraculous for you to receive.
P.S. The month of May holds a miracle for you… Take a screenshot of today’s mantra and put it on your phone. Make it your wallpaper to hold it close or print it and speak the mantra and hold 3 minutes of intention and presence each morning and before bed and something miraculous will step forth.

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