Now is my time. I draw the line.

Now is my time. I draw the line. What needs to be claimed? For you? For your world? Our world?
What’s the no turning back line for you, right now?
What’s your commitment of your truest heart-felt forward future?
What’s ready?
So ready?
What’s in its’ time?
To blossom?
To become?
What needs to come undone for your NOW time?
What past is over?
What chapter has closed?
No more reading from the old chapter of your book.
Something new is ready to be born.
Aligned with your truest heart-felt divine.
Designed within the truest of true truths.
It doesn’t have to be hard.
Only honored.
And that’s the work.
It’s the work of love.
Because it’s harnessed in the honoring.
As we come into this Mo(o)nday with the Super Full Moon.
A timely mantra here is for claiming the new chapter, cycle, season ready to connect and shape a whole new story.
Set the boundary, marking and making the container of your life.
Claim your territory.
Take up your space in the world with your wants, needs, desires, and dreams!
You were meant to be here at this moment in time for what is moving through you.
Speak it out aloud with me….
Now is my time.
I draw the line.
And so it is.
Now is my time
I draw the line.
You are worth it - claim it!
With bright bold heart smiles,

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