That which supports me BOLDLY steps forward. 

That which doesn’t GRACEFULLY steps down. 

This is absolutely one of the most powerful mantras you can use for everything!!! It is a very relevant mantra right now for the manifesting cycle we are in with the Super New Moon. 

Call in the trusting flow of the universe and relax into the support that will step forward for you in unquestionable ways to let you know — BOLDLY this is for you!

And those situations that aren’t working out or are shifting, thank the universe for the graceful step-down.

This mantra can change your life. It is a living meditation that deepens your trust in what is yours to engage with and what is yours to release and surrender to a greater source. Incredibly beautiful…. during this winding up of a manifesting cycle. Speak it every day in all ways… That which supports me BOLDLY steps forward… that which doesn’t GRACEFULLY steps down.

This one is a keeper for you.

Keep it close and call on it anytime, every time and whenever you need it to be clearly shown to you.
You got this… call it in!

Supportive Flow Mantra

by Anne Ribley | 5 Minutes

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